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How many pairs of chromosomes does an individual person have?

Ever wondered why not someone else to help you? We have 6 reasons and a whole bunch more!
rachelRachel Chew, 16 Hai Sing Catholic High
Case #149
Life coaching by Laura Oh, which changed her life miraculously. She used to be the typical 'invisible' student in the class but she rose to become the best under the guidance of SuperTutor Laura Oh.
Respondent's Feedback
I have been under the guidance of SuperTutor Laura Oh for the past 4 years and the results have been phenomenal.These past few years, people were constantly amazed by how my grades improved, especially my mathematics as it shot up from C5 to A1 within a year. SuperTutor Laura Oh's lively discussions and animated explanations never fails to brighten my stressed out life and she always endeavors to make her lessons entertaining with banters that would arouse the laggard. Under her guidance, I am taught to learn beyond my textbooks and because of that, spiking my understanding and interest towards Mathematics.
joshenJoshen Lim
Case #172
A bright student who just needed proper guidance. Showed immediate results, within a few lessons.
Respondent's Feedback
The first thing that struck me when i saw SuperTutor Laura was her big radiant smile and ever reassuring personality which made me feel very comfortable. Unlike other tutors I've been with, SuperTutor Laura was able to bring out the best in me and made me achieve things I never imagined possible.
deuelDeuel Lau
Case #55
Since primary school, he has problem coping in Chinese. He had never seen reason to understand this foreign language. Today he never realised that chinese was this fun.
leaLeah Yap, 11Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School
Case #218
Leah hated and feared mathematics. After Teacher Laura's intervention, her perspective towards mathematics has changed considerably. She no longer fears Maths. A good tutor not only imparts knowledge, she motivates. Such a quality is priceless. ACTS only engages teachers who have the ability to motivate kids to excel beyond their potentials. All teachers with ACTS are handpicked by renowned SuperTutor Laura Oh.
Respondent's Feedback
SuperTutor Laura's method of teaching is easy to understand and she explains the concept very patiently if we don't understand. The learning environment at the center is comfortable and conducive. With her help, I have persevered and have learnt never to give up on any task or subject. Initially, I disliked Mathematics but SuperTutor Laura Oh imparted the spirit to Never Give Up. She is humorous and sometimes we joked about how problems that looked so big in the past are now just tiny ants. I believe that with her help, I will pass my exams with flying colors. She is my SUPER TUTOR and soul mate.
seanSean Goh
Case #199
Having trouble adjusting to the 9 subjects in sec 1 from 4 subjects from primary 6. He failed 5 subjects during his mid-year and was on the verge of retaining Sec 1. Flipping through popular magazine one day his mom called SuperTutor Laura and she helped to turn his life around. He no longer fails, but now scores distinctions constantly.
Respondent's Feedback
I was swamped and unprepared for the workload in Sec 1. SuperTutor Laura taught me how to manage my time and break my workload into small manageable parts. Using this technique I began to overcome the difficulties faced. SuperTutor Laura also using this technique showed me that goals in life, dreams and ambitions can similarly be broken down into small achievable parts and tackling them a step at a time brings me closer to my goals and dreams. I love SuperTutor Laura, she is certainly a friend and my life coach.
polaroidAlly Tan, 12 Hong Wen School
Case #265
She started off way behind her peers. With the right guidance and her perserverance with the right Life Coaching, she has improved gradually. Slow and Steady wins the race. The strong and determined individuals are the ones who always emerges the top as a winner.
Respondent's Feedback
Teacher Laura's lesson benefited me a lot, when I first came, my results was bad, but later on, my results improve slowly. I improved because I enjoyed her lessons. I came here for Maths, Science and English. I enjoy the Science lessons very much because there are experiments, the English and Maths was interesting too because there are games. The other tuition classes which I attended in the past were so boring, like I could fall asleep. This is certainly the best tuition I have ever been too.
These are the unique but I think crucial factors that differentiate Teacher Laura Oh from others.
1. Forges a genuine & unique friendship-teacher bond with her student as a foundational and essential platform for learning.
How many times have we as grown-ups, looked back into our past, and realized the reason we have a special affection for an academic subject, or even excelled in it, is largely due to our corresponding affection for the teacher. That special one who deserved our gifts & thoughts on Teacher's day. That endearing one who receives our praises in nostalgic recollections. Teacher Laura has that special talent. She seamlessly weaves that relationship into the work, play and ongoing relationship with the student. The resultant demeanour of the student testifies to it.
2. Tailors lessons beyond chronological age but targets actual ability & understanding of the subject thus giving the student the real practice of 'jumping grades'.
How many times do we lament about our stressful school system which sometimes confines the student in an area that is rigid with respect to their abilities. Work that is too complex or simple bores them. Teacher Laura is flexible to tune each lesson according to the interest and understanding of the student. This constant appraisal of the fluidity of the situation is a major factor the keeps the student's interest and motivation in the subject. The resultant achievement in grades of the student testifies to it.
Caleb has benefited both academically and holistically. It has significantly contributed to his general well-being. I would highly recommend Teacher Laura's tuition centre.
Dr Ben Lim
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