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ACTS Singapore Essay Writing Competition 2014 @11:45 am



Pretend you woke up one day and there were no rules TO BE CONTINUED…

Theme from 24-May-14 to 6-Jun-14: Weather

Theme from 7-Jun-14 to 27-Jun-14: Betrayal

Theme for 24-Apr-14 to 23-May-14: Pets…My Best Friend

Theme for 10-April-14 to 23-April-14 : My Flight to space



Theme for 27-March-14 to 9-April-14 : Hope


Theme from 13 to 26-mar-14 : Can You Break the Chains of it?




Theme for 26-Feb-14 to 12-Mar-14: Sports

Theme from 12-Feb-14 to 25-Feb-14: Science Fiction



Theme from 15-Jan-14 to 11-Feb-14: Reunion

3rd Quarter-finals: Combating Crimes (Dateline: 14-Jan-14)


Theme from 16-Dec-13 to 29-Dec-13: Cars VS Motorcycle


Theme from 1-Dec-13 to 15-Dec-13: Loser to Winner


Theme from 3-Nov-13 to 16-Nov-13: Morbid

Theme from 6-Oct-13 to 2-Nov-13: Against All Odds (Extended)



Theme from 22-Sep-13 to 5-Oct-13: I SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE

Theme from 8-Sep-13 to 21-Sep-13: Travelling Bug



Theme from 25-Aug-13 to 7-Sep-13: Friendship


Theme from 11-Aug-13 to 24-Aug-13: The Right Choice


Theme from 28-Jul-13 to 10-Aug-13: Our Country, Our Home


Theme from 14-Jul-13 to 27-Jul-13: A Father’s Love for his Children



2nd Quarter Finals

Theme: Sailing

Submit Latest by 13-Jul-2013

 Theme from 13-Jun-13 to 26-Jun-2013: Saving for Something I really want

Theme from 18-Apr-13 to 1-May-13: Gone With The Wind

New theme from 4-Apr-13 to 17-Apr-13: A Day To Remember

New theme from 21-Mar-13 to 3-Apr-13: Fantasy

New theme from 7-Mar-13 to 20-Mar-13: SUCCESS

Here’s the long awaited new theme SACRIFICE (21-Feb-13 to 6-Mar-13)


 1st Quarter Finals: A Twist in a Tale

Winners for The Theme on Adventure is out!!! CHECK it out here at SUPERCORNER



Latest Theme: Courage (22-Jan-13 to 4-Feb-13)


Latest Theme: Adventure (8-Jan-13 to 21-Jan-13)
Check this out!


THEME: ROMANCE (25-Dec-12 to 7-Jan-13)



Theme 1: Thriller (10-Dec-12 to 24-Dec-12)










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  • Danny says:

    COOL!!! Teacher Laura, I can write anything that is related to thriller?

  • Huixian says:

    Wow, teacher Laura this contest very attractive!! $) I will definitely try my hand in this! My mum told me to take a look when she received my email.

    Gonna tell my girl gang Abt this ;) btw, the squirrel is very cute!

  • Jennifer Leong says:

    hELLO Teacher Laura! Its so exciting! I am going to join and ask my cousins to join as well, they are quite good at writing too!

    • admin says:

      Great Jennifer!

      I am definitely looking forward to read your exciting stories. You always make me smile when I read your essay.

      Teacher Laura

  • Fiona Eng says:

    Hello, fren of mine forwarded me the YouTube link. If my girl doesn’t get chosen for this theme, is she allowed to try as many themes as she like??

    • admin says:

      Hi Fiona,

      Yes, you friend is definitely able to try again.

      Looking forward to receive your entry!

      All the best!

      Teacher Laura

  • Leonard says:

    Hi, saw your post on one of the forums, would like to know if my son is able to join?

    • admin says:

      Hi Leonard,

      The competition is open to all Singaporean/ PR, studying in singapore, under the age of 16.
      You son is definitely welcome to send in his entries as long as he meets the criteria.

      Best regards,

  • Mrs Lee says:

    saw other parents in the mummysg forum talking about this contest. I have to say the 2 videos are wonderfully done:)
    Btw, I’ve 2 kids and they are in pri Sch. They don’t have emails account, can I send their entries using mine?

    • admin says:

      Hi Mrs Lee,

      You can definitely submit their entries through your email account.
      Looking forward to read their essays!

      All the best!


  • Karen Ho says:

    So cool la!!! Teacher Laura, Mummy and I were so excited about the competition when I went home with the brochure that you gave the whole class. She say she will help you spread the word to her colleagues too! cause all of them have kids!

  • Mun Wen says:

    The 2nd video is wicked…my little bro got a shock! We will be sending in our entries using my email :) Must we come up with our own title??

  • Alicia lim says:

    Morning Laura, I have also received your brochure just like other parents. Deming was so excited telling me and his dad about this competition. It really motivates him to want to try it out!

  • Crystal says:

    Hi Teacher Laura, cool looking vid! Love that guy’s face! Just heard about this competition after I came back from Oz ytdy. Argh! Too bad im overage…will pass this to my juniors:)

    See ya at the Xmas party! Can’t wait!

  • Randy says:

    Hi Teacher Laura! Greeting from Italy! Nice videos! WAh, nobody tells me about this competition! Lucky i checked your website from here. I have already written my essay and sent in:) But i will be back after X’mas…:(

    Do let me know if i win!!! Going Germany next! Send my salute to Teacher Alvin from here! Hitler here I come!!!

  • Daphne says:

    Ooh…Teacher Laura…Merry Christmas..I just send in my entry!!!


  • Ashley says:

    Romance…korean drama…


  • Geraldine says:

    Ooh!! Twilight…vampire diary..hee…hee…I already have an idea! Wait for my essay teacher Laura!

  • Serene says:

    Ooh..adventures!! I like this theme…

  • Renne says:

    Morning! Can my son send in his essay for the adventure theme already? =)

  • Diana Teo says:

    Hi, just want to comment how great this essay competition is. It really motivates my children to pick up writing. They love the videos. The essays of the winners are very well written. Thumbs up!

  • Amy says:

    Teacher Laura,

    Would there be a theme on Comedy?


  • lynette says:

    Hi Teacher Laura,

    Thanks for organising this essay writing competition! It’s awesome!