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  Ask any child what he wants to be when he grows up. If we do some self reflection and try to recall what we wanted to be when we were 12, it would cause a bout of hilarity or send shivers down some of our backs. Anna Tan, co founder of ACE tuition tells [...]

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  (WRITTEN BY ALVIN CHIA) Often we have stopped to the sounds of children singing, playing the piano, performing a magic trick or simply telling a story. The first thing that hits is that these children are talented. Are some children more talented than most? Or are talents something we can nurture and develop in [...]

13_How to make friends-page-Edited

How to make friends One of the most important things that affected us when we were ourselves “kids” is being accepted by our friends. Children sometimes as young as 9 and before 18 would definitely put their friends esteem in high priority. In certain cases they would choose their own friends over even their own parents. How did our kids [...]

12_Coping with Bullying-page-(edited)

  Coping with Bullying To many of us bullying has been part of our growing up. It appears to be a normal process of life where a larger and older child would extort or bully another weaker child into submitting to his wishes. However to a child that’s being bullied, it can be a terrifying, traumatic process. Private tutor Anna Tan, 25 [...]

11_Teach Children about Money-page-(edited)

Teach Children about Money In this ever growing world, as things get more expensive each day, the ability to be able to manage your money and expenses wisely is more important than ever. For our children, I always believe that we have to start teaching them while they are young so that they can start cultivating good habits in [...]

10_ Leading By Example_3

Leading By Example By Alvin Chia Over the years of my working with children, I am led to the conclusion that children often have a role model in mind. Children tend to impersonate this “cool” image and individual. This role model may often be an actor, sometimes a cousin or a tutor and many times [...]

7_Dealing w rebellious kids-page-(edited)

Dealing with rebellious kids By Alvin Chia All parents and teachers have encountered a stand-off situation with kids who question authority and refuse to obey. It’s maddening and it’s especially bad when all have been tried, namely threatening, begging and even bribing. The child refuses to bulge simply because he no longer has respect or [...]

Planning for the year ahead

For so many of us, planning and preparations for the new school year all began in primary school. For some its the gleam of the brand new pencil boxes that they remember stuffed with brand new pencils and sharpened pencil shavers. For others it’s the brand new organizers that we so liked to fill with [...]


How many times have we, as parents or teachers, expressed frustration and dismay in our dealings with children? We are often quick to brand some children as problematic. Often the problems with these children originated from us, the parents and guardians. Children’s minds are like a sponge, so we cannot blame them for being vulgar if we, as parents, often utter strings of vulgarities [...]