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Ask any child what he wants to be when he grows up. If we do some self reflection and try to recall what we wanted to be when we were 12, it would cause a bout of hilarity or send shivers down some of our backs. Anna Tan, co founder of ACE tuition tells the writer that some of the answers she have got were as funny as, “I want to be a dinosaur” or as creepy as “I want to be the best assassin”.

May it be a young child or a teenager, their biggest wish is to be accepted by all their friends. Every child child’s greatest fear which they fear more than ghost or ghouls is to be shunned or hated by their peers. This psychology dictates that they will continuously try different personalities and retain only the ones they have good experiences in life with. The end result is an adult with a personality that has been refined by all these small personality changes throughout their lives. This makes us exactly who we are.

As parents we have two choices to make, to raise our child in a positive environment to to make them negative people who tend to view life in the most sarcastic manner. Klaire Aw, owner of All-ACE tuition tells me that she has seen kids as young as 7 who blames the government for almost everything. She was curious as to why until she met the child’s father. The father was a obnoxious man who started talking to Klaire by blaming the government for high prices and poor living conditions. It was no wonder the child imitates the father who was in her eyes her role model and her benefactor.

We are responsible for our own lives and our own finances. The sooner we realize and accept this responsibilities do we become ready to take the next step is planning for children and family. The government and external environments are beyond our control. The only factors we can control are our actions and our lives. We must always set a good example to our children and make them optimist. A man who is always concern with his half filled glass would never appreciate the expensive red wine occupying the other half.


AlvinĀ Chia is the founder of ACTS and other tuition centres. He writes articles in the fields of education and financial literacy, and has been featured in the Business Times and other media. He can be contacted at erdnase666@yahoo.com.sg

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