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How to make friends @1:06 am

How to make friends

One of the most important things that affected us when we were ourselves “kids” is being accepted by our friends. Children sometimes as young as 9 and before 18 would definitely put their friends esteem in high priority. In certain cases they would choose their own friends over even their own parents. How did our kids become strangers over night? Should I stop this ‘phrase’ or should Encourage it?

Firstly this phrase that they are in is something that has affected all of us. Perhaps in some cases, they still are. Friends are something that will affect us all our lives. Their impression on us and vice versa. It can be said that if you select your closest five friends and total their net worth, average the result and the final answer would be your net worth. This eerie example made me realize to what extend friends affect our decision making.

Some people are natural conversationalist who makes friends easily and others are introverts whose brains are screaming all the right things to say while only babbles come forth in unintelligent burst. While there is no hard and fast rule to making people like us, the following “rules” will definitely help.

1. Always smile. It is said that when you put on a smiling face, the whole world smiles with you.

2. Always address people by names. Our names are the best sounds that we are love to hear. You will be surprise how often people smile when addressed by their own names.

3. Always maintain eye contact when talking. Eye contact always gives others the confidence, when they are talking, it naturally disarms and make others like you.

4. Parents must always and constantly talk and give attention to their children. Children are social beings. By maintaining a healthy social life, continuously talk to them about friends, school and even let them brag about their “accomplishments”. Everyone and even kids love being appreciated. By not conversing with our kids, we drive them to seek attention from friends, strangers and even interactive computer games.

5. Be sincere. Do not talk for the sake of talking. Be very clear what our objectives are before opening any conversations.  Even when on the phone, smile. Carry out this simple experiment by smiling and talking over the phone on your next call and see if the other party can “hear” your smile.

Life is an on going process of achievements and failures. Good conversation skill is something that no school can teach you. Feel free to email me at erdnase666@yahoo.com if you or your child have any queries.



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