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Coping with Bullying @12:45 pm


Coping with Bullying

To many of us bullying has been part of our growing up. It appears to be a normal process of life where a larger and older child would extort or bully another weaker child into submitting to his wishes. However to a child that’s being bullied, it can be a terrifying, traumatic process.

Private tutor Anna Tan, 25 who is the co-founder of Ace tuition, tells the writer that she has seen such cases on a frequent basis. Children who suffer from extreme bullying not only suffer from childhood depression but also may harbor suicidal thoughts. Teacher Anna is renounced for having zero tolerance at her centers. She constantly talks to the students under her charge and provide constant feedback to her student’s parents on their challenges they face. Parents play a very important role in the academic outcome of their child’s results.

Children who enter a new environment, especially males would know that appearing as the toughest would deter others from picking on him. Some males who have very poor social skills would end up picking on children or classmates who appear smaller size or weaker. Girls on the other hand would quickly find groups and others with common interest. Being unable to be accepted or getting shunned by their own peers would cause massive loss of self-esteem.

Parents should always take time to speak to their children. Always make them feel secure and know that even if everyone shuns them, dad and mom will continue to be there for them. Parents should always affirm their child’s self-esteem and make them feel confident of the future and themselves. A child should never place her own happiness in other people’s hands.

Teacher Anna tells us that the best advice is that a parent must play 100% in the upbringing of their children. A parent must know that he alone is responsible and he alone incurs the full cost of the benefits and horrors that child upbringing has to offer. Some parents do not speak or check their child’s school bag but teacher Anna tells us that such parents still expect their private teacher whom they see once a week to do the job for them. This is a clear instance whereby their child’s academic future is at risk.

Alvin Chia is the winner of the successful entrepreneur award. He is the founder of several award winning  tuition and academic centers and continue to work with children with 14 years of experience under his belt. He can be contacted at erdnase666@yahoo.com.sg


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