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Planning the Year Ahead @9:57 pm

For so many of us, planning and preparations for the new school year all began in primary school. For some its the gleam of the brand new pencil boxes that they remember stuffed with brand new pencils and sharpened pencil shavers. For others it’s the brand new organizers that we so liked to fill with resolutions and friends birthdays.

Regardless what we remembered of our first attempts to get organized,children today still are building their new memories of their school lives. Perhaps they will remember their new iPhones bristling with their friends messages or perhaps their first memories will be that of their brand new school bags and the smell of their new books and promising themselves that every page of their workbooks will be filled in their best handwrittings.

The biggest challenges in planning and organizing will hit a child when he transits from PSLE to Secondary one. If a child has been struggling with four subjects in primary six, the nine subjects in secondary one will hit him like a bomb. Regardless which level he is in it would do good to always be prepared for the next phrase of life. Socially and academically.

Speaking to parents who have successful children, they tell the writer that some of them start exposing their children to the next levels textbooks and workbooks daily. Mrs Abbey, 38 who has a secondary one son tells the writer she has been making her son read geography and history when he was still in primary six as to expose him and also to develope in him a natural curiosity toward some of the new subjects he will be facing.

Teacher Ann Tan who is the Co-founder of ACE Tuition tells the writer that she exposes her primary four students to students from primary six by giving them a group lesson together. She stresses that regardless if the child is in primary four or six, their ultimate objective is the PSLE. There the primary fours will be doing synthesis and transformation and learning maths modelling techniques alongside the primary six students who will act as their teachers and attempt to relate the new techniques to their younger counterparts. Teacher Ann explains that nothing teaches a child better than to be a ‘teacher’ themselve. By attempting to relate to others the child himself will discover new sides to the topic and excel at it.

Finally as the years past, we who were once children continue to apply and remember the planning techniques for in planning we have security. As the saying goes,”he who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

Alvin Chia is the winner of the successful entrepreneur award. He is the founder of several award winning tuition and academic centers and continue to work with children with 14 years of experience under his belt. He can be contacted at erdnase666@yahoo.com.sg

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