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Equipping Your Child for Success @1:35 am

From the very moment a child is born, his brain is like a sponge, soaking up anything and everything he sees, hears or feels. A simple observation of young children shows that everything a child does, says or thinks is a complete reflection of how his own parents or guardian would behave, depending on who he spends the most time with. It is often in these crucial and formative years that determine whether a child will grow up to be a winner.

Success is defined differently by everyone; what someone sees as a successful outcome may be interpreted by another as a complete loss. To a child who enjoys playing soccer, while his parents may want him to get better grades in school, his sole dream and goal may actually be to become an accomplished soccer player. Thus stricken with conflicting goals, being torn between his dream and his parents’ wishes, he may end up not doing well in either, and perhaps blame his parents for their lack of understanding or support.

Super-tutor and entrepreneur Laura Oh, a director at ACTS, says that one of the first requirements during a professional one-on-one consultation at her tuition centre would be to identify the subconscious goals that a child may have.

During her lessons, Laura constantly communicates with her students and steers their goals towards academic success. The reason behind her success in grooming students to become “A star” pupils is to employ top-notch teachers and use teaching resources of the highest quality, so as to cater to the different learning needs of her students. Because of the quality of the educational materials and teachers, her services are highly sought after.

Most of her pupils come from families that recognise the values of success, and will spare no expense to ensure that their children receive only top quality training from teachers who can steer them towards success. To introduce her highly effective methods to the masses, Laura often volunteers and makes special appearances at various Christian organisations during weekends. These popular events are usually packed, with parents and students booking way in advance to attend.

Mike Tok, 35, father of a five-year-old boy, relates how his son would point at strangers and say “siao” (crazy in Hokkien). He adds that even before his child learnt to call him ‘Dad’, he is already using the ‘s’ word to describe the things he sees. He later realised that it is one of the words he frequently uses, and began to be more conscious of how he speaks in front of his growing son. Children often pick up undesirable habits from the behaviours of their parents. As children grow older, they develop an acute sense of judgement. So if the parents are bitter and overly critical of others, the child may pick up the wrong impressions and values, and even lose their respect for their parents.

Equipping a child to succeed early in life begins in his formative years, from his schooling years right to his adult life. Aaron Low, 38, admits that even now he still craves for his father’s approval and wants his mother to think the world of him. Ultimately, family members must bond and help one another move forward. All existing issues and unpleasantness between the members must be resolved before a family is poised for success. Success is not just about achieving goals, it is also about being happy and knowing that your family values are upheld and respected.

When all is said and done, your child is ready for success!

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