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The Adventures of Laura and Chester @11:12 pm

“Are you ready, Chester? FETCH!!”Laura gave the command as she threw the Frisbee high up into the air.  With both big shiny eyes glued to the Frisbee as it glided in the sky towards him, Chester, a pure white Japanese Spitz ran forward, side stepped to the right, launched himself like a rocket into the sky and grabbed the Frisbee right in his teeth.

“All right! Good boy!” praised Laura as she scratched Chester behind his ears and took the Frisbee out of his mouth.

“Woof! Woof!” barked Chester in excitement and his tail was wagging so fast that it looked like he might take off any moment.

“Again? You just can’t get enough of this, can you? Here goes!” once again, the Frisbee flew into the air.  A gust of wind came from nowhere and blew the Frisbee off course towards the nearby bush.  Chester ran and flung himself into the bush.  Laughing at Chester’s funny antics, Laura ran to the bush awaiting Chester’s return.  However, after five minutes, there was no sight of Chester.

“Chester, come here!” ordered Laura in her usual tone.  All she got was the rustling of the bush.  She knelt down and saw the white furry tail of her dog. She reached in, pulled him out and was going to give him a piece of her mind when the sight greeted her silent her voice.

Blood! Chester’s snowy white polar bear’s like face was now bloody and matted. With frantic fingers running all over his body and examining Chester’s face up close brought relief to Laura as she realized the blood was not his. Chester whined and licked Laura’s hand as if telling her that he was alright. Laura stood, leashed Chester up and was walking off to go home when she felt a hard tug.

Instead of walking off, Chester was pulling Laura towards the bush and whimpering. He looked at her and then at the bush. Laura knew something was not right and he was telling her something. She pushed through the bush, ignoring the branches that were scratching across her face and hands.

“Oh my…who could do this to a cat?”  Laura gasped when the horrid scene greeted her.  An orange strip cat with patches of red and blistered skin was lying on the grass, wheezing away. Its neck was coiled with a wire which had eaten into its flesh.  The only thing that could move was its eyes. They were looking at Laura as if begging her to put it out of its misery.

Laura called the SPCA and the police with shaky hands.  She was in rage over the person who did this cruel act to the poor cat.  She gave her statements to the police and the cat was taken away by the SPCA.  Laura went home with Chester, both feeling down for the rest of the night.

The next morning as Laura started the day with her usual routine, a small headline in the middle of the HOME section of the Strait Times caught her attention. “Fifth case of cat abuse discovered in two weeks. Feline died due to serious injuries.” Shaking her head and sighing in sadness, she left her home with Chester to start her work day at the tuition centre.

As she busied herself over the preparation and the arrival of the students, she overheard some of the students discussing about the case of the animal abuse.

“Hey Josh, did you read about the cat that died in the papers? Jeff told me a few days ago, he saw a man dragging a cat to the park by its neck. The cat was mewing and hissing at the man. Jeff tried to stop him but the man stared at him and told him to mind his own business. Jeff got scared and ran away…”

Laura walked to where the conversation was coming from and saw Josh and Alan.

“Did you say Jeff saw the man who is going around abusing animal?” asked Laura.

Alan nodded, “Yes, teacher Laura. Yo Jeff! Tell teacher Laura what you saw that day.” Jeff walked up to them and retold what he saw that day.

“Jeff, are you able to recognize the man if you see him again? It seems that he will commit the act again and it may be in the park where we always go for fitness lesson.  Next time we go for fitness lesson, everyone keep a lookout for him. Let’s help the poor animals!” Laura replied.

“Yeah! No problem!” agreed the students, giving one another high fives. Few days later, it was fitness lesson for the students.  As usual, Laura drove the three students and Chester for their weekly run.  They were into their twenty minutes of their run and were running along the least popular section of the park when Chester stopped suddenly and was listening attentively to something.

The students were already running ahead and Laura had to run back to Chester. Thinking that Chester was into one of his curious mood, she was about to drag him by the collar when a single high pitch MEOW greeted her. That sound almost scared her out of her skin.  Before she could regain her composure, Chester was running and barking towards the source.

“CHESTER! Come back! Come here!” shouted Laura. Fearing for the safety of her dog, she dashed after him.  As she ran into the clump of trees, a low growl followed by a loud shout of pain rang out.

“Argh!! You stupid dog! Let go!”

When Laura reached the scene, she saw Chester biting a man in late forties in his right arm, refusing to let go.  The menacing low growl could still be heard coming from Chester’s throat.   Blood was flowing down the man’s arm.  He was in rage. The man raised his left fist and gave Chester three hard punches in his face. Chester whimpered in pain and let go.

“NO! CHESTER!” screamed Laura, her voice crackling with rage and fear for her dog safety as she ran towards him. At that moment, her three students appeared behind and they gave chase to the man who was trying to escape.  The three teenage boys managed to tackle the man down while one of them called the police.

Laura was cradling Chester in her arms with tears running down her cheeks. There was blood flowing out of Chester’s mouth yet he was shaking his tail and licking the tears away from Laura’s face as if he was trying to tell her that he was not that seriously injured.

“Teacher Laura, this is the man who is abusing the cats. Look at what he was doing!” Jeff called out with a disgusted look on his face while sitting on the man.  Laura looked beside her and the whole situation became clear to her.  A grey and white cat was tied up with wire. The poor cat was trying to break free and it was making thing worse as the wire was cutting into its flesh with its twisting. It was mewing in pain.

Footsteps could be heard approaching and the men in blue emerged followed behind were the members of the SPCA.  The man was taken to the police station while Chester and the poor cat were rush to the nearest vet for treatment.  Thank god, Chester only suffered superficial wounds and the cat was saved in time by him.

Few days later back in the tuition centre, Chester was well enough to resume his duty of “supervising” the students.  Everyone in the centre heard about his heroic deed and everyone was praising him and piling him with his favorite treats! Chester was beaming ear to ear as he laid in his usual spot, chewing away on all the treats!

As Laura sat back with a cup of tea, watching all the attention Chester was getting, she guiltily realized that sometimes she just treated Chester as a pet when she was too busy.

A dog does not ask for fame and fortune.  All it wants is just a pat on the head, the voice of its master calling its name or just to sit beside him or her.  That is all that it asks for and it is willing to go all out for its master.  That is how loyal a dog can be – sacrificing itself for the master.

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  • Crystal says:

    Awwww……Chester is so cute! How i wish my Teddi is like him!